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Gas Scooters

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Gas Scooters

Kevin Stith
March 1, 2006

Gas scooters have been around in European and Asian countries for quite some time; the Americans didn’t find them attractive, until recently. The American market opened its doors to gas scooters because of their many new styles and because they are being seen in many films. The rising price of gasoline is another reason for Americans’ acceptance of gas scooters.

Gas scooters are more advantageous over cars and motorcycles in terms of efficiency and convenience. The gas tank of most gas scooters use only a fraction of the expense needed to keep a car tank full. Some gas scooters even have an extra storage compartment, thus making it suitable for running local errands. Gas scooters are not only fuel efficient, but also quite cheap. The most expensive gas scooter costs much less than motorcycles and economy cars. Not only that, the insurance requirement for gas scooters is less restrictive than the equivalent liability coverage for cars and motorcycles. The reason for this is that the gas scooter cannot go at high speeds, thus lowering the probability of an accident occurring.

Compared to a gas scooter, motorcycles prove to be difficult to operate for day-to-day activities like shopping and commuting to work. Cars have many monthly payments, in addition to licensing fees and mandatory insurance. Due to its size, a gas scooter makes parking easy. Car owners have to go in loops looking for a suitable parking space, while a gas scooter can be legally parked in city-sponsored bicycle racks or even be secured to chains to sturdy objects on the sidewalk.

Although gas scooters are found readily in the retail market, not all retailers carry all the available styles. They keep only the popular models that most people ask for. However, those who want a unique scooter model just have to search online. All that one has to do is to surf the Internet for the numerous online scooter stores and choose the model and style of gas scooter required.

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