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Folding Tonneau Covers

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Folding Tonneau Covers

Ken Marlborough
March 1, 2006

Folding Tonneau covers are available for pickup trucks of all makes and models. There are many different types of folding Tonneau covers. They can be made of aluminum or vinyl with steel beams. The more panels a folding Tonneau cover has, the smaller the space it can fold into for storage. Most covers fold from back to front, but some models have the panels going in the opposite direction, allowing access to the truck bed from the sides. Most folding Tonneau covers cost between cost between $400 and $700.

Both aluminum and vinyl folding Tonneau covers are attached to the truck bed by stainless steel rods. Most of these rods require minor drilling along the ridges of the bed, but many snap into the bed. Once, installed, they securely hold the cover over the bed. Most folding Tonneau covers have locks over the tailgate that lock both the cover and the tailgate, making theft very difficult. Folding covers made from either type of material are lightweight and easy to operate. Each individual panel weighs only a few pounds.

Covers with more panels fold to be smaller, giving more access to the bed. Most covers can be removed so that the entire bed is open, but it is also useful to be able to leave the cover on and still get inside the bed. Many folding Tonneau covers can be folded so that they rest on one panel right behind the cab of the truck when not in use, and have between two and four panels.

Most folding Tonneau covers fold from front to back, allowing more access to the bed as more panels are rolled back. Some models have the hinges in the middle, allowing users to gain access to the sides of the bed opening up from the middle. These types of covers usually have two panels.

Folding Tonneau covers are perfect for truck owners who need quick and easy access to their truck beds but also want the security of a Tonneau cover.

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