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A Look at Truck Tonneau Covers

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A Look at Truck Tonneau Covers

Ken Marlborough
March 1, 2006

Pickup Tonneau covers are a versatile way that owners can add security and style to their truck. The market is saturated with a variety of models with features to fit the diverse needs of pickup truck owners. Prices vary greatly depending on the model and the features offered. Some basic models sell for a little over one hundred dollars while more elaborate editions can retail at close to a thousand.

For the many people who use their trucks to carry heavy-duty cargo, a hard top Tonneau cover is often the right choice. Hard tops provide security to items in the bed, and locks protect against theft they will protect cargo from rain, wind and sunlight. Most hard tops are made of fiberglass or aluminum and steel.

A soft-top Tonneau cover is another option. These covers are usually made of high-grade vinyl and are designed to withstand rain, wind, and sunshine. Soft tops are extremely lightweight and easy to attach to the truck bed. Most soft top Tonneau Covers for pickups can be easily retracted into a storage device right behind the truck’s cab.

Truck Tonneau covers can increase a pickup’s speed by cutting down on wind resistance. When one of these devices is installed on a truck, they cover the bed and do not allow wind to push against the tailgate. Without Tonneau covers for pickups, drivers must either drive with the tailgate open or remove the tailgate and replace it with a net to avoid wind resistance. Both of these options leave the bed’s cargo free to shift while the truck is in motion, and items could fall out of the bed while the truck is moving at high speeds, which is especially dangerous on the highway or other high traffic areas.

Truck Tonneau covers are perfect to guard cargo against theft and the elements, and also add an element of style to any pickup truck.

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