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Auto Glass Repair

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Auto Glass Repair

Ken Marlborough
March 1, 2006

Automobile glass repair or windshield repair is quite a recent innovation when compared to the history of automobile. Repairing auto glass usually takes less than 30 minutes, as most windshields these days are laminated with multiple layers of glass. Laminated glass keeps a damaged windshield intact, which makes it easy for the technician to remove the air in the damaged area and replace it with a resin.

Auto glass is an important structural component of a vehicle; therefore, one should insist on quality installation when getting auto glass repaired. In fact, any damage to your windshield or windows should receive careful attention, as even a tiny, seemingly harmless crack can quickly grow and escalate into a dangerous, shattered mess. Furthermore, larger cracks might result in more expensive repair work or complete replacement of a windshield. Since many insurance policies do not cover auto glass replacement, it is advisable to rectify the problem at the beginning.

Auto glass repair might be expensive, depending on the nature of the damage. It can range from $100 to $400. Some companies offer instant quotes online, and one can obtain a quote by simply entering the year, make and model of their vehicle. With regards to insurance claims, vehicles covered by liability insurance are not entitled for auto glass repair charges; however, comprehensive insurance coverage pays auto glass repair costs and does not even affect your insurance premiums or your driving record.

However, in order to avoid these expenses, preventative measures like reinforcing auto glass windows by tinting them with a strong, clear adhesive can certainly help in averting a disaster. One might also temporarily mend small cracks, as soon as they appear, with specialized "glues" or acrylics. Nevertheless, one should consult an auto glass repair specialist before conducting any repair work.

Repairing damaged auto glass in time is essential, as you may actually save a considerable amount of time, money, and frustration by seeking immediate attention.

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