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Dog Car Seat Covers

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Dog Car Seat Covers

Josh Riverside
March 1, 2006

If you’re traveling with your dog and want to avoid the mess left by dog hairs, etc., dog seat car covers can make your life and your dogs much easier. Designed to slip on easily, these seat covers form a protective barrier between dogs and the actual seat cover, allowing you to take your best friend everywhere.

Companies such as Kozy K9 Seat Covers, Handicapped Pets, Dog Bed Works, Orvis, Petsmart, CoverCraft, Doctors Foster & Smith, Auto Anything and SitStay.com are all dedicated in providing high-quality t dog car seat covers in different designs, shapes and materials. These companies usually offer a choice between a standard or customized cover depending on how much you want to spend. Some have straps to secure them to the seats firmly. While others, like those provided by Kozy K9, have a unique non-slip surface that just lies on the seat of your car.

Handicapped Pets offers customized seat covers ideally suited for elderly dogs and disabled pets. Like Dog Bed Works, their dog car seat covers are waterproof and made for all types of cars. Orvis offers covers in great designs and colors starting at $45.00. They are well made and come with a full guarantee. Equally efficient are car covers made by Browser Pet, Canine Covers and CoverCraft. These covers offer maximum protection against any damage and are backed by a ninety-day warranty.

The most important feature to look for in a dog car seat cover should be its durability, water-resistance capacity and its washing ability.

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