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Driver's Education Games

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Driver's Education Games

Jimmy Sturo
March 1, 2006

Most students might find it very boring to attend driver education classes either in school or online. Most websites just list the points that the student is supposed to remember by heart without providing proper examples so as to enable the student to retain all that was studied.

Even though some websites provide pictures and data together to make the content more interesting, it might still be a problem to concentrate for 6 hours before taking the exam. A few websites have ventured toward providing a unique way of learning. These website provides the courses in form of a game and learning activity. They have quizzes that contain multiple-choice questions, true-false questions, pop-up questions, multiple correct questions, fill-in the blanks, initial answer questions, short answer questions, and essay type answer questions. The quiz results can be tracked to check how the student fared in the exam. They also have interactive pictures to make learning a lot more interesting.

Driver’s education games are a pseudo-simulation of the drivers' test. The player has to follow the rules and drive. They must play well so as to no get too many demerits so as to avoid being criticized by the instructor.

Most websites provide data such as the speed limits, the rules regarding the stop signs, parking and signaling will be provided in form of tables or graphs for easier understanding and retention. One such website which provides the driver’s education game is www.venisproductions.com.

Drivers Education Books provides detailed information on Drivers Ed, Drivers Education Books, Drivers Education Classes, Drivers Education Game and more. Drivers Education Books is affiliated with Online Traffic Schools.

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