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Driver's Ed

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Driver's Ed

Jimmy Sturo
March 1, 2006

In many states, completion of a driver's education course is compulsory prior to earning a learner's permit to ultimately obtain a driver's license. Driver's education courses usually vary from state to state, but driver’s education is usually required to get a driver’s license for the first time. These courses can sometimes help to decrease insurance premiums in some states. Also, they can sometimes eliminate remove points from a person's driver’s license and some states allow driver education courses to be taken to dismiss traffic violations.

Driver's education courses teach safety tips to new drivers and increase the awareness of the drivers everywhere. This in turn helps to improve a driver’s confidence and helps drivers to overcome their fear of driving.

Almost all drivers education courses provide insights to the various hazardous road conditions and introduce techniques to help minimize the danger of driving in such conditions. It is suggested to take at least one driver’s education course to improve confidence, awareness, and overall safety even in states where a driver’s education class is not compulsory for the test.

Most states require that drivers complete at least a minimum of 25 hours of classroom driver's education. This course is traditionally offered in high schools as well as in private local schools. Students can opt for classes after school or during weekends so that they can finish the course within the school itself. However, for students who have a busy schedule, lot of websites currently offer online driver education courses. Students need to complete all coursework online within 30 days. They have access to teachers for assistance, and can take all exams online. These websites charge for such services and some also provide practice and sample tests to make the driver feel comfortable while taking the final exam. If the candidate passes the exam, the DMV certificate is mailed to the address the very next day.

Some students who have limited access to the Internet can opt for workbook courses. In such cases the material is mailed to the students. Students can take the exam as soon as they finish going through the study material. This is sometimes a better option as the students can study under the parent or guardian’s supervision. Students can take a written exam at a local DMV office and obtain a learner’s permit.

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