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Car Accidents

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Car Accidents

Eric Morris
March 1, 2006

Even with all the current safety precautions and rules and regulations currently implemented, car accidents continue to rise in numbers. Public awareness has increased due to the various public campaigns that have been arranged for this purpose in recent times, but car accidents still happen much too frequently.

Accidents may happen due to a defect in the car or due to reckless driving of the driver. Of course, it could be possible that accidents occur due to the fault of another driver even when the injured party has been following the rules. Even though it is practically impossible to expect everyone to follow the rules and regulations while on the road, it would certainly make some difference if all of them try.

The highest percentage of car accidents occur when the driver is a teenager or when the cars, such as some badly manufactured sports utility vehicles, roll over. Car manufacturers must take care when releasing new vehicles into the market, as profits are not everything. The safety of the customer must be first and foremost in mind while manufacturing a car. Some cars tend to roll over for no apparent reason and can cause disasters as a result. Before buying a car, it is wise to shop around and look for a company or a manufacturer with a good reputation rather than a popular brand name.

As mentioned, most car accidents are due to reckless driving. This is often due to teenagers who do not follow simple safety rules such as wearing a seat belt. Even though this might seem trivial when first mentioned, it might prove to be life threatening when involved in an actual accident.

Even when the driver follows the rules, another driver might crash from rear end or head on causing a lot of damage. Some drivers who do not follow proper lane rules may collide sideways with other cars when in a hurry to move faster or overtake the car in front. As mentioned, rollovers are another major cause for accidents with no fault on part of the driver. Faulty cars as well as reckless driving can sometimes result in pile-ups, especially on freeways and expressways.

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