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Waterless Car Wash

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Waterless Car Wash

Eric Morris
March 1, 2006

A waterless car wash is, obviously getting your car cleaned without using precious water. This unique system uses wetting agents, lubricants, and protectants to wax and polish a car and to give it a lustrous sheen. A waterless car wash is actually using sprays that contain cleaning chemicals that protect the car from weather, dust, and scratches, while also maintaining its finish. And this is as easy as spraying the car wash solution on the car surface and wiping it off. Or, some brands of car wash sprays have to be sprayed on a piece of soft cloth and gently wiped on the surface of your car. And, it doesn’t take more than twenty minutes for the whole process!

The United States market has a huge amount of car wash supply manufactures have developed waterless car washes with unique features to suit the individual requirements of a customer. Choosing the right one for your car from countless products will take some planning. Below are some brands of car wash and their services.

The No Wet Waterless Car Wash is a spray that takes off the particles of dust and slime on the surface of the car, after capturing and reducing these particles. The solution creates a hard coat on the vehicle surface and prevents scratches due to rain, tar, grime, etc., and protects it from UV rays and rusting.

ExcelaWash is another popular car wash solution that uses a combination of polymers and chemicals. This combination effectively removes dust particles from the vehicle surface. ExcelaWash’s website and product manuals come with detailed instructions on using their waterless car wash products.

Three ounces of Dri Wash n’ Guard Waterless car wash is enough to keep your car clean for a long time. This product will not just clean the car surface, but will also wax and polish the car surface, all with one application.

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