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What You Didn't Know About Import Car Magazines

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What You Didn't Know About Import Car Magazines

David B.
January 20, 2006

What You Didn't Know About Import Car Magazines

The global opening of the economy is evident from the rapidly expanding automobile industry, which is the litmus test for a healthy economy. This amazing expansion has created the need for a highly informative racy and quality content import magazine be it in the realm of import cars or be it the car audios. The pick of the lot is highly subjective considering that the individual needs vary and the options are unlimited and at times there is very little to choose one from the other. In spite of the apparent limitations there are some import magazines that are unique in approach and have created a niche - the classic example being the "Sports Compact Car'. This is one import magazine, which is inarguably a quality magazine and is highly subjective and directional in approach.

Showcasing The Imports Car

The magazine begins well with a distinctive section titled 'Shifting Gears' which is the window to this import car magazine and is a highlighter of the what to expect from the particular issue of the magazine either in the form of an well written article or bits of news. The creativity of the magazine is not exploited optimally for it has tremendous scope for further enhancement of the content. The letter section like in any other import car section is an highly interactive section which is an area of interest to most subscribers and the editorial tem of this import cars magazine need to increase the length of this section for the one or two pages allocated to this engrossing section is definitely inadequate for a magazine of this stature and following.

The Magazine With A Niche

The 'Sports Compact Car ' has a wide array of strengths - the significant being the 'Techno babble' section and the content of this section is evident from the name, which is self-explanatory. This section is inarguably one of the highlights of this import car magazine and there are few magazines, which could compete with this magazine on this front. The 'Techno babble' section is two full pages of strongly written and quality content pages, which are a learning experience for the enthusiasts. This section educates on the technical basis of what makes cars go fast and is an enchanting piece, which needs to be retained. The present day market is dynamic and changes quickly - the 'Off the Shelf' is one section, which is highly informative and well researched, which keeps the reader abreast with the latest products in the market. This three-page section has the details on all the import products available - be it cams or spoilers.

This import cars magazine is unique in approach and what really sets it apart from most - other than the quality content - is the 'Website' content which encompasses reviews on a wide range of import related websites using the feedback of the subscribers to give direction and focus to this section - this makes it all the more engrossing. The creatively inclined would find the section on 'Max Drive' irresistible for it focuses on including contributions by the readers which has photographs and a small write up on the modifications done by them on their personal vehicles which brings in a sense of personal belonging - rather than concentrating on what the big companies with big budgets have done in the past or are planning for the future. The 'Sports Compact Car' then is one import cars magazine which has few parallels considering that it has an attitude which cannot be replicated and brings in a sense of belonging to the reader which keeps the readers coming back for more!

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