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EPA SmartWay Gets Support From Cummins

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EPA SmartWay Gets Support From Cummins

Anthony Fontanelle
April 20, 2007

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the bureau and arm of the country’s government that is concerned with the protection of the environment. And as part of this role of theirs, the agency has its own share of programs that would help keep Mother Nature as clean as possible.

One of the programs that the EPA has is its SmartWay program which made for highway tractors. This program is actually a member and a part of the agency’s SmartWay Transport Partnership wherein you can get more information about hem through www.epa.gov/smartway.

Following that line, one of the industry’s top companies has announced their vested support for the mentioned program. This company is Cummins Inc. and it has already said that all of the engines that they would be selling for 2007 would come as clean units and would be quite fuel efficient. And all of their 2007 model engine units would be made available for use for all Class 8 tractors and these has all been tested so much so that it meets all the given requirements by the previously mentioned EPA program.

But this is not where the fun ends. According to the automotive company, they are also sending out another new product which they are calling the Cummins Comfort Guard and this one comes as a power unit back up and it would be a great help for all drivers especially of large vehicles and its importance would surely be just like the that of a vehicle’s brakes which are very much needed during any kind of travel. The Cummins Comfort Guard would be able to help out tractor owners and manufacturers meet with the given requirements for the SmartWay.

So which 2007 engine units from Cummins are going to be compliant and part of the program? According to the company, their on-highway engine units would include the ISX, the ISM, and the ISL and all of these would be able to power and give life to tractors belonging to the Class 8. Also, all of these engines have been tested so much so that it has been found out to be clean enough that they have been certified already as per the 2007 EPA’s given requirements.

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