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Save Gas While Driving

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Save Gas While Driving

Scotty Johnson
December 23, 2005

Gas prices are on a rise and it is now becoming a concern for most of the car owners. However, not much as a consumer can be done with the price of the gas but surely something can be done to control the consumption of gas. By choosing your car wisely and driving conservatively, you can save a lot of money at the pump.

If you are concerned about the daily expenditure incurred on the gas for a car then you should give some thought to the type of car you’re getting before buying it. Larger cars obviously consume more fuel than the smaller cars. Before buying a car one should compare the mileage per gallon. Sports cars are pretty good to look at but are not at all fuel-efficient. So, it depends on the priority of the customer as to what he is looking for in the car. Still, smaller and lighter sports cars, like Japanese models, are far more fuel efficient than giant muscle cars.

By just changing the driving style, one can easily increase the fuel efficiency by 25%, especially if the gearbox is manual. In order to save fuel, just try to change the gears without the engine going over 2500 RPM's. This is very important but generally people ignore it to get high speeds and don’t realize that actually they are burning much more fuel. The gears if changed too early will not help in minimizing the fuel efficiency.

Another important aspect to save fuel and thereby save money is avoid using the clutch too often and try to stay away from heavy traffic points. Maintaining an even cruising speed is far more efficient than speeding up and slowing down all the time. It should also be noted, along the same lines, that flooring the gas at every start is going to kill your gas mileage. A nice an easy acceleration, keeping your engine at a low RPM will get you a lot more bang for the buck as far as mileage is concerned.

As they say “A stitch in time saves nine.” Keep your car tuned up, as cars in poor condition definitely use more fuel. Also, avoid putting on the air conditioner if it is not required as if you run air conditioner the mileage of the car can be affected. Once the car gets cool, then you can obviously switch off the air conditioner and let the fan rotate the cool air. On the flip side, closing the windows at high speed can save you gas, as open windows causes extra drag, thereby affecting the car mileage. Consider using the car vents instead. Opening the windows at high speed may consume more fuel than running an air conditioner.

The tires should have the appropriate pressure as fuel efficiency is reduced if the tires are overfilled or under filled with air. Avoid running the car on high speed with low gears, as this will obviously bring the mileage down.

In conclusion, to get the best mileage, one should drive at a proper and constant speed to get the best mileage. When increasing the speed, you should accelerate slowly, as you are not in a racing competition and nobody is going to give you a prize if you come in first. Avoid filling the tank when the prices of gas are high and the most important point is try to purchase a vehicle with good mileage as this would surely save you a lot of money.

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