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Volvo Expanding Its China Connection

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Volvo Expanding Its China Connection

Glady Reign
January 26, 2007

Sweden-based AB Volvo, through the years, has achieved much success in their effort in the production of vehicles, components and parts in the different means of transportation. They are the world’s second largest manufacturer of trucks, buses and coaches and they are doing well in terms of production and sales of their tucks. They have a global market that is doing great and they are still in the process of expanding it. This expansion is evident in their ongoing talks with the Chinese government together with the Dongfeng Motor Group Company Limited for a possible working agreement between the two companies to produce heavy and medium-duty commercial vehicles for China’s ever growing demand for those kinds of vehicles.

The plan is for AB Volvo to take over Nissan Motors’s place as Dongfeng’s partner in producing high quality trucks for the ever growing Chinese market. While talks are still in progress it looks as if the partnership will be made official some time soon. Volvo’s resources and the name it carries will be a huge help for the already established Dongfeng Motor Group which is the biggest producer to date of heavy and medium-duty trucks in China. The trademark high quality of parts and vehicles as a whole that Volvo carries with it will surely further boost the sales of Dongfeng and it would, at the same time, widen the market for those Volvo developed engines and parts like the Volvo oil filter that have been designed and made to help the engine achieve its optimum performance.

If the talks push through and the partnership sealed, this will be a positive step for AB Volvo in its bid to be the world’s largest truck manufacturer. Its current division, that is Mack Truck in the US, is doing great and with the release of another truck in the construction segment by the brand, it has held tighter to its reputation as the US’ biggest manufacturer of construction trucks.

The company’s drive to widen its global market not only for their cars but also for the trucks they are also known for is manifested in their continuing talks with the Chinese government. Efforts such as this will in no time make the corporation the biggest truck and bus manufacturer in the world. This is on top of their successful venture in producing cars which are not only of high quality and performs well but are also the safest cars to drive. These cars are also being sold by the company worldwide.

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