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Volvo Unveils New Business Centre Network

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Volvo Unveils New Business Centre Network

Glady Reign
April 3, 2007

Volvo, the renowned Swedish automaker, plans to refine and upgrade its dealer network to offer more comprehensive service for fleet customers. To make the aim a reality, the automaker is unveiling new Business Centres.

The Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, and construction equipment, drive systems for industrial and marine applications, and aerospace components, recognizes that there is a requirement for the entire dealer network to retain corporate customers and strive to attract more in the cycle. To do this, the automaker is expected to enhance its lineup and offers. The product lines and the facilities should be blended with specialist knowledge and expertise to attain absolute aftermath of doing business which is beneficial to the company.

Volvo will be designating dedicated business sales managers and administrators at each Centre to showcase their expertise and eventually boost the standing of the company. As a result, the automaker expects that fleet customers will be given expert aid and advice that cover guidance on some finance options available. The offer also includes tailoring product choices to best suit their business needs. The experts will not just offer aid in choosing the right Volvo radiator fan - they mean guidance in a broader perspective. The Business Centres of the automaker also concentrate on the development of local relations with SMEs. This is in connection with supporting national operators.

John Wallace, Volvo Car UK’s Corporate Sales and Leasing Manager, noted, "Independent industry surveys2 show that Volvo dealers are rated very highly for customer service by fleet customers. The new Business Centre structure aims to offer the corporate market an even higher level of support as the Volvo range and its fleet appeal continues to grow in 2007."

According to the automaker, the Business Centres will be developed as "centres of excellence" for corporate customers. Approximately 19 Volvo Business Centres are now in place all across the United Kingdom. Each Centre will manage a fleet of devoted corporate demonstrators. It will be updated every six months and will be offering the successful Volvo Rental programme.

The Volvo Rental has proved an essential flexible vehicle resource for fleet customers. This is in accordance to the fact that 80 percent of the business is being generated by the corporate sector. Fleet managers can use it to deliver specific Volvo models on a short-term basis for new workers. This is done to fill the space between the end of a leasing contract and delivery of a new vehicle. It could even be offered just for one day when an extra vehicle is required.

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