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Volvo Shares Safety Tips

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Volvo Shares Safety Tips

Glady Reign
April 16, 2007

Traffic safety has always been a major concern in the auto industry and one car manufacturer leads the way in terms of auto safety features. Volvo Cars has have always been one of the leaders in safety innovation.

Throughout the company’s 80 years of being in the automotive industry, they have shown that they prioritize the safety of their consumers above other factors. Recently, the Sweden based car manufacturer shared tips for families with babies and small children who usually go on trips. The company thinks that it is of utmost importance that safety of children and pregnant women should be considered before hitting the road.

For pregnant women, Volvo advises them to always wear a seatbelt. The Ford Motor Company owned car manufacturer emphasized that while wearing safety belts may be uncomfortable, it is necessary to protect both the mother and the unborn child.

As for pregnant women who have to drive themselves, Volvo advises them to put as much distance as possible between their belly and the steering wheel. While they have to position themselves as far away from the steering wheel as possible, they should also take a position where they can comfortably control the foot pedals. Volvo vehicles are equipped with electronically controlled driver chair which can be adjusted to suit pregnant women’s driving position needs.

For babies in cars, Volvo advises parents to use a rear facing baby seat for their most precious cargo. The reason why babies should use a rear facing seat is that a baby’s head is larger and heavier compared to their other body parts, and since neck muscles are not yet very well developed, being thrown out of a car seat can mean sever injury or even death to babies.

Volvo also warns parents to never seat their babies in the front seat of a car with front airbags. The impact of an activated airbags can cause fatality in a baby. Parents are also advises parents to continue the use of rear facing baby seats until the child is nine months at least or when they have outgrown the baby seat. Volvo also strongly advises parents to refrain from using second hand baby seats since newer models provide better protection for babies or small children.

While the Volvo brand produces cars that are loaded with safety features, drivers should also be wary while on the road to avoid accidents and crashes. Volvo vehicles equipped with the latest safety features and reliable parts such as Volvo air filters can only reduce the risk of severe injury or fatalities and the drivers have a lot to do with keeping their vehicles away from accidents.

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