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2007 BMW M5 Boasts of 500 Hp

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2007 BMW M5 Boasts of 500 Hp

Lauren Woods
April 16, 2007

The world of performance automobiles has always been the hub of fast changes. Through the years, car manufacturers have been outdoing themselves and the competition in designing and developing high performance cars. The Germans are known for their fast cars created straight right from their well renowned car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

BMW recently upped the ante in the development of high performance cars with the 2007 model year version of the M5. The said model has received much praise since its introduction to the public. It is heralded as one of the highest performing vehicles available today.

The 2007 BMW M5 comes with a price tag of $97,000 and 500 horsepower. The price may put this car beyond the reach of most car buyers but for those who can afford it, the M5 will surely be worth every single cent of its 97 thousand dollar value. From the outside, the M5 looks a race ready car with the distinctively BMW grille and aggressive looking headlamps. The raised rear end gives the M5 an aerodynamic feel that manifests more prominently when driving the car.

For its price, consumers will have a car equipped with a massive 5-liter V10 engine. This behemoth of an engine has a maximum 8,250 revs per minute output. That rpm rating is enough to give the M5 400 horsepower. For those who want even faster speeds, a touch of a button can increase that power to a whooping 500 horsepower. With that amount of power, the M5 can cruise to 155 miles per hour. The transfer of that much power from the huge powerplant to the drive wheels is facilitated by a seven-speed transmission. This capability of the M5 is in part a result of BMW’s involvement in F1 racing. In fact, the M5 could have even exceed the 155 miles per hour ceiling if German car manufacturers have not entered into an agreement that will keep their manufactured cars below the 155 miles per hour cruising speeds.

While the car is already a fast machine, aftermarket parts like the Iceman cold air intake systems can efficiently boost performance while lowering fuel consumption. Fuel consumption is, of course, one of the weaker points of high performance cars especially those with 5-liter engines such as the M5. But those who can afford this dream machine can surely afford to refill the car every 200 miles at least.

Another notable feature of the BMW M5 is its four exhaust pipe configuration. The engine produces a sound almost similar to F1 cars with the help of those four tailpipes. Stopping the car is also given attention. The BMW M5 is equipped with a colossal set of 14.7 inch brakes on all four wheels. All in all, the M5 may be beyond the reach of most consumers but those who can afford will surely love the M5.

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