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Hitch Source LLC Announces a New Line of Equalizer Hitches

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Hitch Source LLC Announces a New Line of Equalizer Hitches

Russell Nelson
November 22, 2005

Hitch Source LLC recently introduced a new line of Equal-i-lizer? hitches. Equalizer hitches offer a unique two-in-one design that combines weight distribution with sway control in one easy to use unit. The simple design has a built-in sway control to remove the risk of sway problems caused by passing vehicles, cross winds, and other towing hazards. An Equalizer hitch can reduce the frustrations of the three biggest problems found with conventional trailer hitches: trailer sway, weight distribution, and stressful driving.

Towing a trailer can be difficult, nerve racking, and even dangerous. Equalizer hitches are designed to help eliminate those risks and frustrations. Ordinary hitches can leave drivers feeling out of control as their trailers bounce, sway, and seem to have minds of their own. The new line of equalizer hitches addresses those issues by maximizing vehicle control and reducing the sway caused by passing trucks and cross-winds.

The Original Equal-i-zer® Sway Control hitches are being enjoyed by owners of all types of trailers. The equalizer hitch works flawlessly with boat trailers, trailers with surge brakes, utility trailers, horse trailers, cargo haulers, pole (or single) tongue and many other trailer types.

“The equalizer hitches are the best combination of sway control and weight distribution on the market today.” said Ken Whiteman, President of Hitch Source LLC., “Our customers have spoken and we’ve listened. We believe that the new line of Equalizer trailer hitches will meet the needs of our customers and offer a whole new level of safety and control. We’re really excited about the response we’ve gotten from the market and expect to see further growth in demand over the coming year.”

The towing flexibility of the Equalizer hitch comes from the ability to fit many configurations of tow vehicle and trailer. Trailer frames on the road vary greatly in size and style. The standard trailer brackets can fit up to a 6" trailer frame. Also available are 8" and 10" brackets to accommodate newer lightweight aluminum or tall I-beam trailer frames. The Equal-i-zer®’s 4-Point Sway Control™ brackets are all “bolt around” style and don’t require drilling.

The Equalizer hitches are offered with an assortment of adjustable shanks to fit most vehicle and trailer combinations. Equalizer hitches are offered as full kits are as individual components. Contact Hitch Source LLC for more information.

For more information about the Equal-i-zer? hitches, contact Hitch Source LLC at (877)464-4824.

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