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Toyota to Release New G-BOOK mX

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Toyota to Release New G-BOOK mX

Anthony Fontanelle
April 12, 2007

Toyota is known for providing their consumers with some of the most advanced features and services. In fact, the surging Japanese company has announced that they will be releasing a new G-BOOK mX telematics service.

The company reported that the new G-BOOK mX will coincide with the release of new vehicles in Japan by May of this year. The G-BOOK has been of great help to drivers driving Toyota's vehicles. The new G-BOOK mX will be loaded with features to further help consumers in their information and communication needs.

One of the features of the new G-BOOK mX is the Map-on-Demand. This essentially provides a navigation map to the driver with just a touch of a button. The navigation map covers expressways and toll roads and ordinary roads located near the location of the vehicle.

The G-BOOK comes in two variants - the G-BOOK mX and the G-BOOK mX pro. The latter is a fee-based service and needs an onboard DCM or a data communications module. With the G-BOOK mX, consumers can simply plug in their cell phones to the navigation system. With the mX Pro, the DCM automatically updates map data. Users can also download road maps from the Internet to a CD-ROM which can then be uploaded to the navigation system in the vehicle for navigation purposes.

Another feature of the new G-BOOK mX is the Probe Communication Traffic Information service. This service gathers information from vehicles equipped with the G-BOOK mX and relay information to drivers to avoid traffic congestions. With the mX Pro, the Probe Communication Traffic Information performs better than other systems based on cell phone services.

With this service, drivers can avoid serious traffic congestions thereby reducing their fuel consumption. Aside from reducing wasted working hours, this technology helps in the reduction of fuel consumption.

The G-BOOK is also equipped with Bluetooth technology. With this technology, users can connect their cell phones or audio player wirelessly to the car’s audio system. This technology provides a clearer sound than the technology based on FM transmitters. With this technology, hands-free calling is enabled thus reducing the risk of distracted driving.

Aside from the ability to play music through the car’s audio system from a Bluetooth enabled music player, the G-BOOK mX also provides music for consumers via the G-Sound capsule. The G-SOUND is an added feature of the G-BOOK ALPHA. The G-BOOK will be installed with 103 capsules of 680 songs in addition to the 900 individual songs pre installed into the telematics system.

With advances such as this, Toyota is on its way to further increase their products’ popularity among their consumers and prospective buyers. Indeed, advances such as this will surely play a role in their quest for the top of the auto industry. With more and more technology like this, not even EBC greenstuff brake pads can stop Toyota on the path to becoming the largest car manufacturer in the world.

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