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2006 Toyota Tacoma

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2006 Toyota Tacoma

Stuart Simpson
November 6, 2005

Another impressive redesign by Toyota this year was the new 2006 Toyota Tacoma. This truck has morphed from a small to a mid-size pickup truck. You are familiar with the Tacoma’s of the past. They are as reliable as the day is long, but how will the new truck compare?

I went shopping, and to be honest, I was checking out the Nissan Frontier, too. Its been redesigned and is about the same size as the new Tacoma. The Nissan has a rail system in the bed of the truck, but the Toyota has it on the deck edge up higher. I like it better as it seems as though it would make tying off items a lot easier. Also, in the bed, there are two neat lockable storage compartments nestled so they aren’t noticed. Pretty slick.

The new V6 has 236hp, which is no slouch in anyone’s book. The old V6 had about 190 hp I think. The standard 4-cylinder is 2.7 liters and rates 164 hp, which is more than most V6’s.

There’s an X-Runner available, which is more for show and go, than off road or work. My dad got the previous version, which was an S-Runner Tacoma. They are slick. Dad’s is way cool, and I’ve seen only one X-Runner at a car show as they sell before they are around on the lot too long. A pickup that can hold .9G’s on the skid pad will rival most sports cars. Basically, the X-runner has everything. The Prerunner and double cab are the top of the line for the 4x4 trucks, but they have many options. The only option I can find on the X-runner is daytime running lights.

Don’t worry, the SR5 still comes loaded up with a chrome grill, color bumpers, overfenders, leather steering wheel, and variable windshield wipers. The V6 has fog lamps and the sport package includes the limited-slip rear differential. The off-road package adds larger wheels, better suspension with bilstein shocks, a locking rear differential and skid plates and tow hooks.

The TRD Sport truck is my favorite with the hood scoop, 17” wheels, nicer seats, power outlet and a neat overhead console with compass and temperature gauge.

The Tacoma isn’t the little truck you see around anymore. My dad’s had 4. I’ve only owned one Toyota truck and I drove it until the wheels fell off. But you know what? It started and ran every time. I’m sure the trucks we see on the lot today will last another generation due to Toyota’s unsurpassed quality.

Stuart Simpson http://www.toyota-trucks-review.com

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