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Buy Car Insurance Online

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Buy Car Insurance Online

K.C. Morgan
April 12, 2006

Even in today’s one-click world, nothing is ever easy.  Commercials make their competition sound like crooks, everyone says they can offer the best deal, and it’s impossible to get a straight answer when you get a quote over the phone from any insurance company.  Many people feel more comfortable buying car insurance online, in a click-and-point process that doesn’t involve sitting through ten minutes of automated questions and answers.  But even when you buy car insurance online, the options are endless.  The casual consumer might search through web sites and read quotes for hours, and still be no closer to finding what they really want.

Doesn’t anybody sell cheap car insurance online anymore?

The first rule when you buy car insurance online is, don’t go to an insurance company’s web site.  This immediately limits your choices.  You’ll only be able to get a quote from that single company, and you might feel that you’ve wasted your time when you finally reach the end result.  The magic of the Internet is that you can get several quotes from different companies all at once, if you know where to look.  Using the sites reviewed below, buying car insurance online is a whole lot easier and quicker.

A very easy-to-use site, www.esurance.com will provide you with many different car insurance quotes.  If this site cannot help you or retrieve the car insurance quotes you need, they’ll provide you with a list of other sites that can help.  You can point-and-click your way to car insurance very easily from this web site, and it’s a great starting point for the casual online car insurance shopper.

You can compare side-by-side quotes for buying car insurance online at www.netquote.com, which incidentally offers quotes on other types of insurance as well.  There are some questions to answer, because this site will strive to give consumers the most accurate quotes possible.  The end result is well worth the effort it takes to fill out the information, which are pretty standard questions about your car and insurance needs.

Another very helpful site for buying car insurance online is www.insurance.com.  Comparison shop and get free quotes to your heart’s content at this web site, which is extremely user-friendly.  Buying car insurance online is very easy here, and it’s well worth taking some time to look at quotes from this web site.

Buying car insurance doesn’t have to be a hassle, or take you most of a day calling different companies to get quotes.  If you’re a serious bargain shopper, then you already know the Internet is your best bet to find the greatest deals.  If you buy car insurance online, you’re liable to come away with a much better deal than making a series of long telephone calls would find you.  Besides, who has the time to call fifty different car insurance companies, trying to find the car insurance that pleases them most?  Buy car insurance online, and you’ll be amazed how quick and easy it can be.

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