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Lindberg ’64 Dodge 330

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Lindberg ’64 Dodge 330

Nick Gregory
The Parts Tree
March 2007

Not too long ago HAWK, Americas oldest model company bought Lindberg Models presumably from Craft House Corp. which I am led to believe is no longer in business.  That’s great news!  I just received a catalog of new product releases from the HAWK/Lindberg line and many of Lindberg’s old issues are being re-released.  And I do believe that eventually all of Lindberg’s previous line will be on the shelves of our local hobby dealer in the near future.

Getting back to the kit, there are 141 pieces in white, chrome, clear plastic, and tires. Of course there are instructions and a small decal sheet too.  This particular kit can only be built as a factory stock 330 sedan with either a 383 V-8 or a slant six engine.  The body seems well proportioned and is molded crisply with very minimal flash.  This kit also has steel wheels and chromed “dog dish” hub caps which are great for police vehicles and “sleeper’ cars.

The body and chassis is also shared with Lindberg’s “super stock” car kits that include the “Ramchargers,” “Color Me Gone,” and Bill “Maverick” Golden S/S.  These kits of course come with a hemi or Max “Wedge” engines, Headers, tach, roll bar, hood scoop, drag slicks, front mag wheels, and of course full decal sheets.  MCW recommends using these kits as donor cars to finish their resin bodied stock and altered wheelbase kits.

I used the “Ramcharger” kit # 72161 to build my race car.  The body was painted red and trimmed with bare metal foil and photo etched parts from The Model Car Garage.  The interior was painted red also using automotive interior paint from Eastwood.  I also added seatbelts made from photo etched hardware and masking tape that was painted.  The dash also has photo etched parts too.  The engine was built pretty much out of the box with Preston’s pre-wired distributor and black painted valve covers.  This kit went together well and looks good on my shelf.  I have a few more and I do recommend this kit.

This article originally appeared in the March issue of The Parts Tree

1964 Dodge 330 Model 1964
Model and photo by Nick Gregory
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