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The Expanding Market of NASCAR

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The Expanding Market of NASCAR

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
March 9, 2007

It's an issue we've hashed before, being NASCAR's over-expanding itself to the point where the sport is becoming sterile.  The Pit Reporters on XM were just addressing this issue on Wednesday's show I believe it was.  They spoke of how the sport has reached a plateau, and that some sort of dramatic turnaround with televisioin coverage must be achieved.  I believe we all agree that last year's was less than desirable, and left us unwitnessed to many of the race events due to constant commerical interference.  I would reckon that this is an issue that NASCAR must work out with its affiliate networks.  Though I have to admit TNT has seemed to have heard the fan outrage, but for not as they are being phased out of NASCAR.

With that aside, let's discuss the proposed track in the state of Washington.  It is without a doubt that there is, in fact, a huge following to NASCAR there. However, the media was quick to broadcast and print everyone who was against this economic boost coming into their community. The fans there, as Greg Biffle has alluded to, need to speak up and be heard whereas the opponents aren't having any trouble doing so. It would appear that we aren't wanted in Washington state.  "Our kind" isn't welcome as we are mostly law breakers who drink ourselves stupid and inbreed with our siblings (Yes, that was sarcasm).  So with that stated, and media coverage sending the message it has, why pursue a track in an area where it's clearly not wanted...or if you take in Kentucky Speedway, warranted.  Now, here's an establishment that all the drivers seem to like (I get their newsletter, just about ALL of the cup teams test here regularly).  Yet, they can't BUY a cup event.  IRL, Busch, and the trucks all race at Kentucky, and the later two usually sell out.  They've been begging for a cup race here and NASCAR, in the beginning as well as today, keeps telling them "no way".  It's a fast mile and a half, Texas' sister track as a matter of fact and people WANT a cup race there...the fans, residents, AND the politicians (there are always opponents, but you never hear of them in Kentucky like we have been in Washington) I work in government so I know nothing logical and practical is ever considered, but why would an entity such as ICS and NASCAR keep pushing for a track in the northwest that isn't wanted, when the arms are wide open in Kentucky?

Though I will state that Kentucky filing countless lawsuits to gain a cup event isn't neccessarily greasing anyone's palms and is the wrong way to approach the issue.  Yet we could ditch one of the "wasted weekend" tracks such as California or New Hampshire where the racing is less than exciting, and everyone could come party with us here in Ohio and Kentucky and see some exciting racing.  Who needs the anti-NASCAR nazi's in the northwest?  Anyway, that's my thought for the week.  Hope everyone is doing well!

This article originally appeared as a post in the Yahoo! Group "NASCAR World Order"

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