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John Anderson

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

John Anderson

Hometown:  Warren, Michigan

A race car driver.

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Racing Record

Racing Record

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Winston Cup Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Budweiser Late Model Sportsman Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Race-by-Race Record

August 19, 1979Winston CupChampion 400Michigan International SpeedwayChevrolet8Draime Race Engines205Running155/0$4,355
September 16, 1979Winston CupCRC Chemicals 500Dover International SpeedwayChevrolet08Draime Race Engines1311Running130/0$1,600
October 7, 1979Winston CupNAPA 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet08Draime Race Engines1616Running120/5$3,230
November 4, 1979Winston CupDixie 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayChevrolet08Draime Race Engines1624Out (Engine Failure)91/0$2,025
February 17, 1980Winston CupDaytona 500Daytona International SpeedwayOldsmobile33Draime Race Engines618Out (Vibration)109/0$9,135
March 9, 1980Winston CupCarolina 500North Carolina Motor SpeedwayChevrolet33Draime Race Engines2424Out (Accident)91/0$750
April 13, 1980Winston CupCRC Rebel 500Darlington RacewayChevrolet19Belden Asphalt2417Running112/0$3,650
April 20, 1980Winston CupNorthwestern Bank 400North Wilkesboro SpeedwayChevrolet19Belden Asphalt2928Out (Engine Failure)PE$820
May 4, 1980Winston CupWinston 500Winston 500Buick19Belden Asphalt3926Out (Engine Failure)85/0$2,905
May 10, 1980Winston CupMusic City 420Nashville International RacewayChevrolet75Rahmoc Racing924Running91/0$420
May 25, 1980Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet19Belden Asphalt3018Out (Engine Failure)109/0$5,545
June 15, 1980Winston CupGabriel 400Michigan International SpeedwayChevrolet19Belden Asphalt2513Running124/0$4,595
July 4, 1980Winston CupFireCracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayBuick75Herb Davis Plumbing219Running138/0$5,785
July 12, 1980Winston CupBusch Nashville 420Nashville International RacewayChevrolet75Rahmoc Racing2312Running127/0$2,225
August 17, 1980Winston CupChampion 400Michigan International SpeedwayChevrolet75Rahmoc Racing1436Out (Oil Pump)55/0$700
August 23, 1980Winston CupBusch Volunteer 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayChevrolet75Rahmoc Racing1615Running118/0$700
September 1, 1980Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayChevrolet19Belden Asphalt2836Out (Engine Failure)55/0$1,825
September 14, 1980Winston CupCRC Chemicals 500Dover International SpeedwayChevrolet19Belden Asphalt2332Out (Accident)67/0$1,555
September 21, 1980Winston CupHolly Farms 400North Wilkesboro SpeedwayChevrolet19Belden Asphalt1827Out (Dropped Valve)82/0$800
September 28, 1980Winston CupOld Dominion 500Martinsville SpeedwayBuick75Rahmoc Racing1816Out (Overheating)115/0$800
October 5, 1980Winston CupNational 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet75Rahmoc Racing1835Out (Steering)58/0$955
October 19, 1980Winston CupAmerican 500North Carolina Motor SpeedwayChevrolet77Warren Fabricating632Out (Accident)67/0$595
November 2, 1980Winston CupAtlanta Journal 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayChevrolet77Warren Fabricating2233Out (Broken Oil Line)64/0$1,180
November 15, 1980Winston CupLos Angeles Times 500Ontario Motor SpeedwayChevrolet77Warren Fabricating189Running138/0$3,325
October 11, 1981Winston CupNational 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayBuick38Copper Kettle Marina3939Out (Engine Failure)PE$965
November 1, 1981Winston CupAmerican 500North Carolina Motor SpeedwayBuick17Kings Inn2924Out (Broken Track Bar)PE$2,290
November 8, 1981Winston CupAtlanta Journal 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayChevrolet17Kings Inn / Busch3916RunningPE$4,545
February 13, 1982Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesGoody's 300Daytona International SpeedwayMercury50Kirk Ford Co.2219Out (Mechanical)106/0$1,770
April 3, 1982Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesTranssouth 200Darlington RacewayMercury508Running142/0$1,400
April 4, 1982Winston CupCRC Rebel 500Darlington RacewayBuick19Belden Asphalt2328Out (Engine Failure)PE$1,410
May 2, 1982Winston CupWinston 500Talladega SuperspeedwayBuick19Shoney's Racing3020Out (Engine Failure)103/0$2,970
May 30, 1982Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayBuick19Shoney's3542Out (Engine Failure)PE$1,375
October 9, 1982Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesMiller Time 300Charlotte Motor SpeedwayMercury506Running150/0
October 10, 1982Winston CupNational 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayBuick24Western Carolina Forklift3717RunningPE$6,100
May 28, 1983Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesMello Yello 300Charlotte Motor SpeedwayPontiac536Out (DNF)55/0$700
October 8, 1983Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesMiller Time 300Charlotte Motor SpeedwayPontiac52128Out (Engine)79/0$3,160
October 9, 1983Winston CupMiller 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet31Lebe's Tire Service1924RunningPE$1,350

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