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CarsAndRacingStuff.com offers easy and affordable ways of promoting your business or event across the entire Library as well as limited free advertising in exchange for permanent content!

Site Statistics

There are several metrics that can be used to determine how many impressions your logos or links might get on The Crittenden Automotive Library @ CarsAndRacingStuff.com, but Google's Analytics seems to be a reliable indicator of views of the site's pages that include the navigation bar where your ad would appear.

January 2016: 16,527 page views from 8,394 total visitors for month, daily average of 533.1 views from 270.7 visitors.
December 2015: 14,438 page views from 7,709 total visitors for month, daily average of 465.7 views from 248.6 visitors.
November 2015: 16,633 page views from 9,480 visitors, daily average of 554.4 page views from 316 visitors.
October 2015: 16,793 page views from 8,570 visitors, daily average of 541.7 page views from 276.4 visitors.
September 2015: 15,629 page views from 8,100 visitors, daily average of 520.9 page views from 270 visitors.
August 2015: 22,955 page views from 9,694 visitors, daily average of 740.4 page views from 312.7 visitors.
July 2015: 18,059 page views from 8,979 visitors, daily average of 582.5 page views from 289.6 visitors.
June 2015: 17,343 page views from 8,876 visitors, daily average of 578.1 page views from 295.8 visitors.

Note that past performance is no guarantee of future performance, as there are many factors outside of our control that determine how often our pages are viewed (our placement in Google Search results, for example), but we've included several months to show you our steady performance over time.


Sponsoring The Crittenden Automotive Library can be a great addition to your existing sponsorship programs!  Unlike traditional television, magazine, or motorsports event advertising, we can put your website within a click of your online store or contact information.

An Associate Sponsorship is similar to an Associate Sponsorship in motorsports...you get a text line or a small logo in the left-side navigation column of the Library on all pages where it appears.  Pricing is based on how much space you need and where you want it placed.  E-mail us for more information.

A Title Sponsorship is a sponsorship of the Library that includes your business or brand name in the Library's title.  Instead of appearing as "The Crittenden Automotive Library @ CarsAndRacingStuff.com" the logo on the site would appear as "The Crittenden Automotive Library presented by _____________" with your logo, linked directly to your site, just below the navigation links in the upper left corner of the website.  E-mail us for more information.

Note that non-automotive companies are welcome to advertise on The Crittenden Automotive Library, just as NASCAR fields are filled with cars carrying all types of sponsorships: household products, foods, drinks, services, political movements, just about anything clean and legal!  If you're a new business and you need help designing a logo, we don't have a full-fledged graphic designer on staff, but we can help!

Content Submission (Free Advertising!)

The Crittenden Automotive Library is always looking for new material.  You can use this to promote your business, organization, publicize an event or a racing team, spread an idea or try and sell your car.  All it requires is content that fits within the Library's scope, can be added permanently, and does not violate copyright (something you created or have the right to distribute).


Take a browse around The Crittenden Automotive Library and you can see that our inclusion of "car culture" means that pretty much anything relating to cars and racing has a place here.  We welcome media in any digital format, including photographs, video, text, audio, artwork, advertisements, automotive-themed products, more automotive-themed products, almost anything that won't get us in trouble with advertisers and our web host.  We'd love to have radio & television & print advertisements, car club newsletters, comics, drawings, videos, car show or racing photographs, racing video game information, automotive shop software, etc., etc.

Classified Ads

Classified Advertisements are FREE on The Crittenden Automotive Library.  Our only conditions being that it be related to cars (it doesn't have to be a car itself) and that we can add it permanently.  In the case of private owners' submissions, we're happy to remove the contact information after sale, as in the example on this page: Pontiac 2+2.  In the case of dealerships, of course, you probably want the contact information left there permanently, as seen on this 2011 Harley-Davidson Ford F-150.  Just send us pictures and a description and we'll take it from there!


We always welcome guest submissions to The Crittenden Automotive Library.  You can do this to add your opinions and experiences to the vast body of automotive history and knowledge we're building, or for business purposes, in exchange for new content, you get a link to your internet site on the article page.  This can be within the article, in the author description, or a company name below the author line at the top of the page.

We collect anything related to automobiles, so exclusivity is not demanded.  We welcome previously written content (just include the original publication date) and love to archive blog posts, as seen here with the blog linkback at the top below the author name: Illegal driver avoids ticket.

You can write about any subject The Crittenden Automotive Library covers, but if you're writing original content for the purpose of getting a link in the Library we prefer the articles be about specific topics, that way they can be linked to from Topic Pages and don't get buried in the thousands of "generic" articles.  A great example is shown here with links embedded in the content: Shamrock: Ireland’s Answer to the T-Bird.  Tagging a generic article with a make or model is generally frowned upon, the article may make it in the Library but won't get a link from the Topic Page you reference.  An example of this is seen here: Precision Pontiac Weatherstrip for Perfect and Bother-free Seals, where as you can see nothing in the actual content of the article is specific to Pontiacs.  Pictures are, of course, welcome!

Article types can include: car reviews, personal experiences, announcements, company news, and press releases.  Note that we do accept press releases in PDF format!

Don't have an article of your own or any ideas what to write about?  e-mail us, as we have a backlog of old newspaper articles that need accurate transcription from image to text, and typing these out for us will get you a permanent link at the bottom of each article!

Premium Guest Posts

While we do post articles free of charge, for marketers willing to pay for guest posts we will post a link to the article from the home page of CarsAndRacingStuff.com and post about the article on our applicable social media accounts to help get it indexed more highly.

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